Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Esther's Excellent Medallion

Hello and 'happy nearly mid week' time. We have had some crazy weather here in the winterless north. Hail the other night that turned our deck into a white winter wonderland! I was so excited!
Several times I have had to turn off and unplug my machine because of the thunderstorms, too scary for me to keep working my machine and possibly too risky.
Now I have an excellent quilt to share tonight, Esther's Medallion. Here's the photo I took when I took it out of the courier bag and lay it out.

Measuring 76" x 81" Esther wanted custom quilting and polyester batting. I emailed a few ideas through to Esther and we came up with a rough plan, she was happy for me to take over with what was going to look best for the quilt.

I quilted the swag border first then let the rest develop from there. Glide thread, Pro echo curve ruler, swag ruler, straight ruler were my guides the rest was free motion hand guided quilting.

When I created the diamonds on the inner border I was left with this strange shape that had me scratching my head for awhile wondering what to do with it?

But then I came up with just the right design.....................

Checkout the fabulous backing fabric...........................

I hope you enjoyed looking at Esther's lovely quilt. Here is a short 'swooping' video.


Thank you Esther and thanks to those you take the time to stop by.............
                                                Happy creative week!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Welcome back on this Tuesday evening, I have more quilting to share, two quilts from The Country Yard and one from Sue. First from The Country Yard.................

Measuring 90" square made from super soft flannels, Kerryn - owner of The Country Yard asked for light custom quilting on this one. A loose meander works well for masculine quilts and floats over the blocks super quick!

I used the piecing as my guide for the diamonds on the border, then some more meandering on the corners.

This cute little quilt also from The Country Yard is made from sweet itzy bitzy prints and a super soft flannel backing.

I liked how my plump freehand swirls whizzed across this quilt, I used a Glide thread in a nice shade of grey.

Super soft flannel backing..........................

        Kerryn once again asked for The Full Quiltmekiwi Binding Service on both these quilts.

Next is another quilt Sue has made for family over in the USA. I chose to quilt some more free hand edge to edge quilting this time 'Computer Chip'.

Sue likes the polyester batting I keep in stock. I used Glide thread again this time I used " Bark".

You will be proud of me I took a photo of the back!

Thank you Kerryn and Sue for keeping me out of mischief!

I will be honest the last two days have tested me to keep focused on my 'Jobby' of quilting as something.......someone very special has bounced into my life..................my grandson!

                      Looking forward to meeting this wee fella as soon as I can muster it!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Quilted gifts and a half a zebra..................................

Hello from the chilly winterless north of New Zealand.......winter is hanging on! Now for what you came here to see, quilts............. I have two to share with you today. First is the hug quilt Cat made for a friend who is experiencing a tough time, there is nothing like a quilt to lift the spirits.

Measuring 50" x 57" a vintage sheet for the backing,'Butterfly Charm' all over quilting design (edge to edge quilting) and the Full Quiltmekiwi binding.

Next is the quilt Gaynor made for her nephew. Gaynor wanted this quilt to be soft and cuddly, so a gentle meander ticked that box.

Measuring 67" x 100" cotton batting and flannel backing fabric. Rachael Hyde had her design "Moving Forward" published in the Homespun magazine. A nice design for Gaynor's 17yr old nephew.

Soft flannel backing

Thank you Cat and Gaynor for letting me be part of your gift giving.

I had a small victory last night when I stitched the last piece of the front end of my running zebra in place! When I posted a photo on Instagram someone commented it looked like the zebra was coming through my door, see what you think........................

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Postcards from Paris

Diane made this very pretty quilt for her step daughter. I was delighted to custom quilt this for her. Here is the before quilting photo.

Diane fell in love with the pattern while on holiday in Australia then set to work choosing just the right fabrics.

Diane supplied her own batting - which I think was cotton and purchased a backing fabric from me which was a lovely tone on tone feather design by Angela Walters, I wish you could see the pattern on the fabric.........

The after quilting photo.............................

Thank you Diane it was a pleasure to quilt for you. I hope you get pleasure in gifting such a beautiful feminine quilt.

Even though I had to turn my machine off twice today as thunder and lightening ripped over our house I did manage to get some work done! Thank you so much for your comments I welcome them with open arms.

Quilts ready for pick up.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

The Lions are out!

Whenever I get asked to quilt for Juliet of The Tartankiwi a little pulse of excitement runs through me as her designs ROCK in my humble opinion! You should have seen the smile on my face as I opened the post to this quilt.

What fun I was going to have! I set out (after the ditch stitching) to give each Lion slightly different facial expressions and each mane to have it's own personality.

For some reason I kept thinking of the Lion King movie when quilting these four magnificent creatures. I remember when that movie first came out on video and I bought it for my kids.........Oh the excitement! I still have the video, but no video player!

Juliet chose wool/polyester batting which has a bit more loft than cotton batting. Measuring 58" square. I love all the backing fabrics Juliet pieced together.

The computer motherboard pattern worked well on the funky border print and it quilts up pronto!

To read more about Juliet's journey on creating this quilt please hop / click / pop over to her blog post *here* to read all about  it AND.......and the chance to win a pattern to make your very own Lion quilt!

While we are on the topic of Cats you know I had a problem with our cat Simon's biscornu, it had a hole.........................which he loves as he can burrow his head in and knead and purr............

                        Time for a new one.............can you see it? It blends into our carpet!